Australia’s borders are currently closed and international travel from Australia remains strictly controlled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. International travel from Australia is only available if you are exempt or you have been granted an individual exemption. If you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, and even if you hold a foreign passport or are a dual citizen/resident, you cannot leave Australia you have an exemption.

Sounds Australia has coordinated with the Department of Home Affairs and is now recognised as an Authorised Organisation that can submit Travel Exemptions on behalf of the Australian Music Industry.

We’ll be working with each applicant to build their compelling business case to travel at this time. If you have international work secured, and your travel is urgent and unavoidable – that is, it cannot possibly happen at any other time – you could be a candidate for a travel exemption.

To enquire about the process, please email Dom Alessio: [email protected]



The great news with respect to vaccinations is that once you have been approved for your travel exemption, the notification includes instructions relative to the approved travellers now being eligible to receive their vaccines.



Returning to Australia is the most difficult and uncertain component to international travel, and unfortunately having received a travel exemption does not secure your return.

Australia is currently in Phase One of a four-phase plan to transition out of COVID-19 restrictions. Under Phase One, a 14-day hotel quarantine period will be mandatory for all return travellers to Australia at your own expense. Unless quarantining with an intimate partner or your own children, each person will have to quarantine individually.

Australia’s hotel quarantine capacity has also been reduced. This is currently the number of return travellers each city is receiving per week: Adelaide (265), Brisbane (500), Perth (265), Melbourne (500) and Sydney (750).

This being the case, you will need to be prepared for potentially being bumped off flights, or having flights cancelled, so do think about what that means for you with respect to both time and costs (ie. if you are overseas longer than anticipated, can you afford the time away, the cost of extra accommodation etc).

Due to the reduced number of return travellers Australia is accepting, availability and cost of flights are fluctuating significantly. If airlines are needing to bump passengers off flights, we have anecdotally heard that flight class is factored into airlines’ decision-making.