Sounds Australia Events

International Markets are selected and prioritised on their significance in the international music calendar, their ability to showcase live music and their proven ability to attract the world’s most influential decision-makers.

Internally, the types of showcase events on offer are categorised in to the following;


  • Examples: The Great Escape (UK), Reeperbahn Festival (GERMANY), Music Matters (SINGAPORE)


  • Examples: SXSW, MIDEM


  • Examples: Folk Alliance International, AMERICANAFEST, WOMEX (World Music Expo), Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), jazzahead!, Classical:Next


  • Examples: THE AUSSIE BBQ London


  • Examples: A2IM Indie Week for Record Labels/Distributors


  • Examples: Primavera Sound (Spain)




  • Initial consciousness, our awareness, the approach, or pitch about an event.
  • Level of conversation about the event happening by the Australian industry.
  • Number of Australians (both artists & industry) already participating.
  • How it fits with existing markets and the overall current calendar of events.
  • Bang for our buck with respect to operations (travel, dates, trip add-on).
  • Existing or potential relationship with event organisers.
  • General vibe, overview & presentation.
  • Dates and Location of the event.
  • Advice and opinions following consultation with recognised genre experts.
  • Online research & due diligence on the market event.


  • Feedback surveys post event to evaluate real value by the Australian participants (artists & Industry).
  • Always conduct a reconnaissance trip.
  • Direct to fan opportunities.
  • Consult with global export body peers about the event.
  • External Government priorities: eg Asian Century Paper, AICC Countries, State initiatives.
  • Fundamental and significant event changes (such as dates, personnel, rebranding, size etc).
  • Changing global music trends: i.e Electronic/Dance, Film/TV.
  • Opportunity cost of non-participation (how disadvantaged will we be).
  • Cost of participation, including financial, human & time resources.
  • Number & quality of Australian artists selected to showcase.
  • Do you know why you are choosing to export at this time?
  • What are you hoping to achieve?
  • Do you already have interest in that territory?
  • Is a showcasing event the best way to present your artist?
  • Have you picked the most appropriate showcasing/conference event and can you articulate why?
  • Do you have a strategy beyond the chosen market event; what other events and activities form part of your export strategy?

It is important and critical to note, that under no circumstances is Sounds Australia responsible for selecting the artists that are invited to each of the international music events.

We categorically refuse to be involved with recommending Australian artists to event directors, so as to deliberately remain effective and impartial in our ultimate representation of the Australian contingency.

Artists that are interested in showcasing at the different events apply themselves through the different mechanism each event uses.

Spend time researching the market event you are interested in. Ask other delegates and artists who have attended them previously for any tips or reasons for choosing a certain market.

Seek advice from industry and government personal involved with export activities. Not only about the various international export music markets, but also information about what State and Federal export funding grants might be available.

Cost the entire initiative out first with funding assistance and without. (Don’t forget to budget in the correct currency).

Use the website and social networking offerings from the event to set up meetings in advance or just find  out who is heading along.

Spend time researching travel options in advance.  One can save a decent amount of money pre-purchasing.

Google and be thoroughly informed on those key folk you are wanting to or planning on meeting with.

Develop a pitch, but be prepared to tailor it to different people and for different occasion.  It’s not something that’s a one size fits all and will create more of an impact if of relevance.  For instance if you are referencing artists, you might need to amend these depending on where the person you are talking with comes from.  Make the examples meaningful to them and especially with respect to their territory.

Get a hold of and thoroughly examine an old conference/showcase program, so as to familiarise yourself with the event.  How each day will run, where the venues are, when are the networking sessions etc.  Especially good to get a tangible feel for the enormity and intensity of some events.

Do your research on required working/entertainment/cultural VISAS (see below).

Take out all necessary insurances for both people and gear.

Effective networking is a learnt skill.  Take yourself out of your comfort zone and practice.  Use domestic events to hone your abilities.

The advice we give all artists is to speak directly with a professional VISA agent and connect with artists that have successfully toured to the countries you are looking to perform in.

Give yourself plenty of time for the application process as it can take months to process.

Here are some VISA agents that we are happy to recommend, based on feedback from Australian artists that have used their services in the past.


Badlands Group

Sophie Kirov

20 Jay Street #308
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Amanda Willis Gupta, Esq.
+1 804 514 6443


Don Verdery
+1 860 567 2500

Global Access

Brande Lindsey
+1 323 936 7100

Szew Law Group

Andrea Szew
818 W7th Street, Suite 905
Los Angeles CA 90017
+ 1 310 477 0047

Traffic Control Group

18 East 41st Street
Suite 1201
New York, NY 10017
+1 646 502 5051



T&S Immigration Services

Tina and Steve Richard
P – 01557 339 123
F – 01557 330 567
E –
E –
W –

Tam Ray Touring 

Katie Ray
Suite 3, 177 High Street
London SE2 07P
+44 845 322 2504

One of our main aims is to provide additional showcase opportunities for Australian artists whilst participating at international market events.

Every act is awarded an “official play” by the event and where possible we look to maximise the amount of times Australian artists are able to be seen on top of this.  There are also numerous other day parties and evening showcases that artists are encouraged to pitch for that are presented by labels, agents, brands, blogs and other festivals.

Please be aware that an invitation to perform at a Sounds Australia produced event is not a given, nor guaranteed.  At almost every international event now where we undertake support activity there are more acts showcasing than there are available performance slots.  As resources and funding permits we are constantly looking for ways to increase these performance opportunities, however whilst the demand is higher there will be always be acts that we physically can’t program.

There is no formal process that needs to happen to make yourself available for any of these showcases. You do not need to apply at all and by virtue of your “official” selection, you are automatically being considered. The selection of the artists to perform at any of these showcases rests entirely with the SOUNDS AUSTRALIA team.  For some events, the Bookers of the respective Festivals will also be actively involved with these decisions. The curation of every event is approached with both a creative and commercial remit and the ultimate goal is to encourage key international delegates to attend, watch and network with the Australian showcasing artists.  Where possible a geographical and genre spread will be considered, along with the investment stakeholders needs, however none of these variables will impact on the final line up decision.

Please note that the invitations to artists to perform on SOUNDS AUSTRALIA produced events will only be issued once all official artists have been selected by the Event and more importantly have confirmed their attendance. 

We are mindful that “Non-Official” artists also attend international conferences.  When made aware of their presence we will certainly include and promote them in all our marketing and promotional collateral, however with respect to showcasing opportunities Official artists will always be prioritised.

Regardless of whether your act is showcasing or not, the SOUNDS AUSTRALIA produced shows are created for everybody to attend and to take advantage of the delegates being in attendance.  Just because your act isn’t up on stage doesn’t mean you can’t benefit – when not performing you can really use the event to network and meet key international industry.

About Showcasing

Since 2009 Sounds Australia have built an arsenal of activities and a suite of events that include THE AUSSIE BBQ, Sound Gallery and 2 For The Showcase.

There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to successfully navigating the different types and sizes of the events around the world. Sounds Australia has spent ten years developing tailored platforms that can be replicated at different showcasing festivals around the world.

Showcasing at international music market events can offer valuable opportunities for  artists and businesses to secure international performance, touring and festival slots, label or record company signings, distribution deals, promotional opportunities, media relationship building, song placement and synchronisation offers, co-management and management deals in overseas territories, not withstanding general global networking and relationship building.

Sounds Australia’s guiding principle and purpose is to assist artists in achieving outcomes as listed above and to help build and sustain their international careers by developing and expanding the resources and services offered to exporting artists.

As every international market offers its own unique platform, married with a new contingent of Australian acts, we produce all our events on a case by case basis.