Q: What does Sounds Australia do?

SOUNDS AUSTRALIA is funded by a whole of government, whole of industry strategy made up of Federal and State Government agencies, peak industry bodies and commercial operators, all working together to enhance the profile of Australian artists and industry when showcasing and participating at INTERNATIONAL MARKET EVENTS.

SOUNDS AUSTRALIA supports all artists of all genres equally and works in conjunction with every single act that is officially chosen to showcase at each respective event (listed below and in more detail throughout this site).  In many instances, we also include unofficial artists who make their way to events regardless of a formal invitation in our marketing materials and we also provide additional showcasing opportunities for them, where appropriate and available.

It is important and critical to note, that under no circumstances is SOUNDS AUSTRALIA responsible for selecting the artists that are invited to each of the international music events, including SXSW (Austin, TX), The Great Escape (Brighton, UK), Music Matters (Singapore), CMJ Music Marathon (NY), Liverpool Sound City (UK), Canadian Music Week (Toronto), Americana (Nashville), Folk Alliance International (Memphis) and MIDEM (Cannes).  In fact we categorically refuse to be involved with recommending Australian artists to event Directors, so as to deliberately remain effective and impartial in our ultimate representation of the Australian contingency.

Artists that are interested in showcasing at the different events apply themselves through the different mechanism each event uses.  Many engage Sonicbids to manage this process and others have an application system set up directly on their websites.

Q: How do I know which International event is appropriate?

Spend time researching the market event you are interested in. Ask other delegates and artists who have attended them previously for any tips or reasons for choosing a certain market.

Seek advice from industry and government personal involved with export activities. Not only about the various international export music markets, but also information about what State and Federal export funding grants might be available.

Q: Can you help me with my music marketing efforts here and overseas?

All our marketing efforts at this stage are restricted to on-ground activity at the International Market Events. SOUNDS AUSTRALIA does not market or support general touring activity.

We are in contact with each of the Festivals Directors to plan the activity that SOUNDS AUSTRALIA will undertake, such as producing additional showcases, networking events, marketing, business matching meetings, receptions, trade shows etc – however no final decisions are made until we know the exact number and type of artists that have been invited.  It is essential that on all occasions the in market activity is appropriate to the artists and industry that will be attending.

SOUNDS AUSTRALIA will produce various collateral materials ranging from online booklets, to corkscrews, to decks of cards, always factoring in what would be the most appropriate and effective means of reaching the relevant audience.

Q: But what do you reeeeeally do when you’re at these events?

A. 1. Provide Showcase opportunities

i. THE AUSSIE BBQ – The largest showcase of Australian artists performing together outside of Australia, in each city and event it’s chosen to be held at.  Not always, but in most instances the Aussie BBQ showcases are full band performances rather than solo artists.  Backline is shared, changeovers are extremely tight and sausages are served.

ii SOUND GALLERY – a more stripped back showcase, generally more appropriate for solo artists, singer/songwriters, ballad makers, that type of stuff.

iii SUITE MATE – A niche, boutique style of showcase, set in a hotel suite to showcase premier artists in a more intimate settin

iv 2 FOR THE SHOW CASE –literally each artist playing 2 songs only during College Day.  For this particular tastemaker audience we know that it only takes 2 songs for them to make up their mind and seek out more about an act if they like what they hear.

2. Networking Events/Professional Development


ii BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MATCHING – prearranged meetings

iii SPEED NETWORKING – Like speed dating but way less awkward and you are more likely to walk away very satisfied.

iv TAILORED PANEL SESSIONS-  with expert speakers sharing insider knowledge exclusively with Australians

v. ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS – this sits somewhere in-between speed networking and a panel and is effectionately known as the TIM TAM SLAM. A more focused, intimate way of getting acquainted with key international industry.


3. Marketing and Representation

i TRADE SHOW STANDS – Stand Management

ii COLLATERAL -  Booklets, pamphlets, posters, playing cards, corkscrews, door hangers – whatever gets people thinking about the Australians

iii ONLINE PRESENCE – Website, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Most of our print materials are also available online through this website.

Q: Does SOUNDS AUSTRALIA attend any domestic events?

A: We sure do!

With the considerable (and ever growing) amount of “inbound export” activity taking place on our shores, with particular respect to the number and caliber of international buyers attending domestic music conferences, SOUNDS AUSTRALIA has created a domestic platform to compliment the international role out of the export strategy.

Crucial opportunities for artists to engage with the international music industry exist at domestic events and SOUNDS AUSTRALIA encourages artists and industry to utilise the domestic showcase/conferences as a training ground of sorts, both prior to and in tandem with participation at international events

In the past Sounds Australia have hosted One on One meetings with international speakers, panels and Export Masterclasses

Q: How do I go about getting funding? Are you able to help me/us get overseas?

A: In short, no. Different States offer different grant programs. Make sure you cost the entire initiative out first with funding assistance and without (don’t forget to budget in the correct currency).

Head to our funding page for more extensive information on Federal and State funding opportunities

SOUNDS AUSTRALIA is not a funding body and therefore not in a position to offer any kind of financial assistance. In the interest of staying neutral and fair, we do not provide Letters of Support  to funding bodies on any artist’s behalf (by mcqueen at dheadcom). It does not mean we don’t think you’re great, you probably are.

Q: Are you able to assist with international visas?

A: The best advice we give all artists is to speak with a professional VISA agent or connect with artists that have toured to the countries you are performing in recently.

Here are some VISA agents that we are happy to recommend, based on feedback from Australian artists that have used their services in the past.


Tamizdat US

Matthew Covey
Mobile: +1.646.327.0885

P.O. Box 20618
New York, NY 10009

P: +
F: +1.413.513.1157

RAZCo Visas

Ron Zeelens
119 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, New York 10003
tel 212 757 1289
fax 212 586 5175
email ron@razcovisas.com

Global Access

Brande Lindsey
+1 323 936 7100



Tina and Steve Richard
P – 01557 339 123
F – 01557 330 567
E – tina@tandsimmigration.co.uk
E – steve@tandsimmigration.co.uk
W - http://www.tandsimmigration.co.uk/


Please review the information through the link below for IMPORTANT updates on new IRS requirements for foreign entertainers performing in the United States. Please note these requirements will change again in 2013 and a further update will be made at that time.


Q: I have heard about an export market development grant – can you shed some light on this for me?

A: This post activity grant is managed by Austrade. Head here to see if you are eligible and how to apply. http://www.austrade.gov.au/Export-Market-Development-Grants-EMDG/default.aspx

Q: If I am performing overseas, will APRA pay me for that?

A: It will depend on which territory and what kind of show, however you should definitely learn more about Overseas Live Performance Returns www.apra.com.au/Forms/OLPR/olpr.asp

Q: Can you please provide us with a letter of support for our funding application?

A: SOUNDS AUSTRALIA has a blanket policy not to provide Letters of support – for any artist, individual or organisation with regards to international or national touring grants.

We are often asked to do so, which makes sense given our specific export role and brief, however we feel it is essential that SOUNDS AUSTRALIA remain non-aligned in all instances and not single out anybody, as we are totally committed to working with all Australian artists and industry in their respective export endeavours.

It’s often the case too that the very funding bodies for which the letter of support are being requested, are also in fact financial stakeholders of SOUNDS AUSTRALIA whereby their investment in the national export initiative supports the inclusiveness of the project.

Q: Was this helpful?

A: We hope so, but please feel free to contact us via email if you have any further queries.

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