Electronic Music Conference (EMC)

| Nov 28, 2016 - Dec 02, 2016 http://www.electronicmusicconference.com/

Best conference ever! More interesting, inspiring people in one place than I’ve ever seen. From young producers and DJs to global superstarsDavid Boyle, Senior Vice President of Insights, EMI

Electronic music has exploded in some of the world’s biggest music markets; the USA and Asia. But Australia has been one of the world’s leading markets for over a decade.

750,000+ Australian’s visit dance festivals each year. Australian artists are achieving great success on a global stage. Our festivals are breaking new ground in terms of scale, production, marketing, media, technology and innovation. Our industry is not just respected, it is envied the world over. We are a world leader in electronic music culture, and now Australia has a conference that matches our global status and ambition.

Event Dates

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